Creating a Blog in Blogger: Lesson 1

This post i am creating is a subset of the main Topic "Creating a Blog in Blogger". This part of the tutorial is for people who are new to blogger and want a create a blog. Today we shall cover the basics on how we can create a blog under our desired Title. Basically we have discussed what blog is, and for people who want to refer can refer that part of the section here including some info in "Posting in Blogger". So lets now start with how we can create a blog.

How to Create a Blog in Blogger
  1. Open your browser and Go To Blogger, and you'll see the Home page as
  2. Blogger Home Page

    If you have a Google Account, you can simply use it to sign in, but its better to use a new Google account. For people who like to sign in with your existing google account, just sign in at

    Blogger Login

    and you will get a new window as

    Create a new Blog in Blogger

    And click on Create Blog, but appearently you will not be having any blog as i am having in the screenshot; Alternatively for people who want to use a new Google account, click on

    Create a Blogger blog

    and you will be getting a new window as

    Create a new Google account

    to create a new google account just like creating your Gmail account. So fill up your info and create the account,
  3. Next after creating a Google account you will be redirected to a new window, and you will be asked to give a name and the URL of your new blog, alternatively for those who are logging in by your own Google account remember you'll have to click on "Create a Blog" to get to this window. The Screen shot of this window would be as

    Entering Blog Info

    In this section of the window always remember that you give a good Web URL and blog title. A desired blog URL will be harder to give in, coz as there are more than hundred thousands bloggers around the globe and still intend to create a blog, so placing a good URL that would be easy to your readers to remember is important.

  4. Next Choose a Template of your choice, temporarily you can use one of the default temlates available, and later on you can go for a new Blogger Template and can be downloaded here, This part of the screenshot would be as

    Blogger Template

  5. Save your Template by clicking on Cotinie and now you have created your new blog for yourself and your ready to start posting. :)
    Blog Created

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