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Every webmasters who are aware of the effectiveness of Inbound and Outbound links will absolutely know to develop thier blog to the path of success. And often their are arguments and i too agree that the most important elements of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Inbound and Outbound links. Most important part of SEO is inbound links because higher the inbound links to your site can make your blog/site get you a high Page Rank (PR), and high page rank as i am concerned can get you a good amount of traffic as well. So today as for SEO basics we shall discuss what is and what are the importance of Inbound and Outbound Links.

What is Outbound Links

Outbound links are the links that are pointing external to your blog/site. These links can be crucial in times and can get you into trouble. So always be aware of the outbound links that your going to point to.

Search engines often values each site and each of them has its own recogition and popularity, and there are many sites out in the web which has been penalized or search engine treats a particular site/blog simply not worthy. In that case if we are making links to sites/blogs which search engines reckons not worthy, can make our blog rankings down too. So be aware when your making outbound links also known as external links. These outbound links can be referred to as bad Neighbourhood; And you can analyse your blog neighbourhood here.

When your making outbound links try as much as you can to link a blog/site with a higher page rank and not with a blog/site that is below your Page Rank, the reason is arguable because some say when you do this it can lead you to bad neighbourhood and it can lower your PR, and boost PR of the blog/site that was less than yours that you were linking to. I am not quite sure of this but i have read several articles people arguing, so its better that we avoid.

Certain webmasters to be precautious they do not make any outbound links at all, or some reduce their outbound links as much as they could, this is not good SEO strategy. Make sure that you are making outbound links with quality blogs/sites that has a high PR and good blog/site ranking because SEO is also based on outbound links.

What is Inbound Links

Inbound links are the links that are pointing internally to your blog/site or web pages. Inbound links are often considered as the favourites of SEO. Inbound links can make a real value and increase your blog ranking.

There are lot of site/blog owners i know who just keep saying "I have a PR 0" and regret but do nothing to achieve it due to the reason that they do not know to overcome with a better PR or due to the fact that they know but do not want to strive. A good PR can never be achieved easily or overnight, its mainly based on hardwork and dedication. Simple strategy i would say is to make as many links in to your blog/site if you really want to boost your PR, because PR is based on inbound links. People argue that PR is not based on inbound links but its wrong, if you want to do a test on this consider a blog/site with a high PR and a blog/site with a lower PR and type


and get the results, this will list you the amount of inbound links and certainly higher PR site/blog will have a much more inbound links than the lower PR blog/site, reason is that PR is mainly based on inbound links.

Now that we understand inbound links are important to a achieve a good PR, but its not just inbound links alone that will take us up, it is also necessary that you have got inbound links that is related to your blog/site category. Lets say that you have a PR 2 and your running a site/blog that is related to Ebooks and if you have got a link back from a site/blog which has a PR of 5 but do not really have any means of relationship to your blog/site, this will not have much effect as expected, but a link back from a blog/site with a PR3 with similar category can get you 99% effect. So always make sure to get more inbound links from site/blog that is of your category.

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