Manage Page Layouts in Blogger: Lesson 5

Today as for basics we will discuss the different elements involved in Page Layouts and how these elements can be altered to our needs. Page Layout is involved with your Blog appearance and customization. There are these elements you have in Blogger Page Layout and we will discuss every part of it one by one:

  1. Page Elements

  2. Fonts and Colors

  3. Edit HTML

  4. Pick New Template

How to manage page layouts in Blogger

Page Elements in Blogger
This is about how you place your widgets in blogger and its appearance,

How to manage Page elements in Blogger

So basically when you want to add a widget just click on "Add a page element" or "Add a Gadget", and you will be getting these elements

"Blog List": A Blog List is much more than just a list of links: it's a live view of the blogs that matter to you. By default, your Blog List will show the most recently updated blogs first.

"Followers": Displays a list of users who follow your blog.

"Slideshow": Add a slideshow of your photos to your blog.

"Subscription Links": Let your readers easily subscribe to your blog with popular feed readers .

"Poll Add ": Survey your visitors by adding a poll to your blog.

"List": Add a list of your favorite books, movies, or anything you like.

"Link List": Add a collection of your favorite sites, blogs, or web pages.

"Picture": Add a picture from your computer or from somewhere else on the web.

"Adsense": Earn revenue by displaying relevant ads on your blog.

"Text": Add some words to your blog - like a welcome message - with rich text editor.

"HTML/JavaScript": Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog.

"Feed": Add content from an RSS or Atom feed to your blog.

"Labels": Show all the labels of posts in your blog.

"Newsreel": Automatically add current headlines from Google News to your blog.

"Video Bar": Display clips from YouTube and Google Video for your readers to watch without leaving the page.

"Logo": Choose from a variety of Blogger logos to add to your page.

"Profile": Display information about yourself.

"Blog Archive": Display links to older posts.

"Page header": Display your blog's title and description.

(These element information has been directly taken from Blogger)

In this section "Page Elements" you can also customize the blog post appearance by clicking on "Edit" on Blog Posts, and you can or remove options like Author name, ratings, labels, and etc, and most importantly it allows you to add Adsense (Way to earn money online) between posts.

Fonts and Colors in Blogger
In this section of Layout you are allowed to customize the blog appearance by altering your fonts and colors to your blog need.

How to manage Fonts and Colors in Blogger

Edit HTML in Blogger
Basically if you want to change or go for a new template that is out of Default Blogger template that blogger provides you with, this is the place you do it.

How to manage EDIT Html in blogger

You can upload a new Blogger Template by uploading a blogger template that you have saved in your hard disk. And also there are circumstances you need to backup your template in cases like
  1. HTML Modification

  2. Changing new Templates

  3. Other precautionary purposes.

So it is here you back up simply by clicking "Download Full Template".

And also you have the Edit template option in cases when you want to
  1. Add CSS

  2. Post customization

  3. Templat
and etc.

"Pick New Template in Blogger":
This part of the layout will allow you to add a new template that blogger provides you with. In case you change you mind that you want to add a new template you can do so in this section of layout. As blogger provides you with 2 Column on each of the template they provide with, we have tweaked these template that will allow you to have 3 column template, and you can download these templates in the right side widget of our blog.

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