Manage Settings in Blogger: Lesson 4

As for blogger newbies they will be unfamiliar with how things work, so here in this post we shall study how things work around in settings in blogger and how we can manage blogger settings for our need. Here in this post we shall just learn the basic and certain importance part of Settings that we need to know.

How to Manage Blogger Settings in Blogger

In Blogger Settings we have these Tabs
  1. Basic

  2. Publishing

  3. Formatting


  5. Archiving

  6. Site Feed

  7. Email

  8. Permissions

Blogger Settings: Basic
In Blogger Settings Basic we have the normal basic information of our blog such as the Blog title, description. And in this part of settings you have some elements that you need to know, such as

"Import Blog - Export Blog - Delete Blog": The import and export blog feature is new to blogger that allows you to export all your posts and comments and will allow you to import all the exported Posts and Comments.

"Let search engines find your blog?": Always make sure that you chosen the "Yes" option in order for search engines to crawl your blog web pages.

"Show Email Post links?": This is another feature added recently by blogger and if you want to allow a email post link in every post of yours, make sure that you have made to "Yes", and also make sure that you have added this on Layout-Edit Post and have checked "Email Post Link".

"Show Compose Mode for all your blogs?": This allows you the compose mode also known as the wysiwyg to be enables while posting. Read more on post editor

Blogger Settings: Publishing
This part of the settings allows you to change your Domain name of your blog and in the section you can also switch to a custom domain. This part of the setting is mainly involved in changing your Blog URL.

Blogger Settings: Formatting
In this section it allows to make some adjustment to your Time format, Post and Post editor. In this section you need to make much hands on it as its just the basic but you have the

"Post Template": This allows you to have pre-format text on your post editor.

Blogger Settings: Comments
This part of the section is about on handling your reader comment. Such like

"Who Can Comment?": In this part of the section you can allow the users or the group who can comment on.

"Comment Form Placement": This part of the element allows you to have either pop comment window, Full page comment window or a embedded comment post under each post.

"Comment Form Message": You can use this part of the setting to deliver your messages to readers on the basis of posting.

"Comment moderation": This element will allow you to moderate comments, by accepting or rejecting each comment when a user has posted a comment and also you can use the comment alert feature, that is to send you an email when a comment has been posted.

"Comment Notification Email": Comment alert feature that you can use like discussed above.

Blogger Settings: Archiving
In this section is about how you can archive each of your blog post that you make.

Blogger Settings: Site Feed
In this section it allows you to manage your feeds

"Allow Blog Feeds": This part of the blog feed allow you syndicate short or full page

"Post Feed Redirect URL": By default you have RSS and Atom feed to blogger and if you wish to use another feed by burning a feed from another service like feedburner, you can do so by specifying the burned feed.

"Post feed footer": In this section you can allow ads or other third-party feed additions to display after each post and to allow this you'll have to "Enable Post Pages" to "Yes" (in Archiving settings) and set "Allow Blog Feeds" to "Full".

Blogger Settings: Email
In this section of the setting it allows you to manage your blog through email

"Mail-to-Blogger Address": In this section it allows you to specify a email address and allows you to publish a post or make a post draft to your blog, upto 10mb in size.

Blogger Settings: Permissions
Finally you have the Permission setting and this allow you to add authors upto 100 and to whom your blog can be visible to.

We have not explained all the setting features but have discussed just the necessary setting function you need to know about.

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