What should be done after creating a Site: Lesson 6

There are several things a webmaster should know and do after creating a Blog/Site. Creating a blog/site is not sufficient, its also important that every webmaster should know how you should develop and market your blog. So today in this topic we will cover some important and the basic aspects that you should know and follow in order to develop your blog.

So in this topic we will not cover all the strategies but some few strategies that i find should be done.

Tip 1 on what should be done after creating a blog/site
So that you have created a blog/site and now its important that you should submit your blog/site to search engines. So start adding your blog/site to search engine database.

Add your blog to:

These are the major search engines that you will be getting visitors to your site most of the time, and for more search engine submission go here. For Search engine to index your blog/site it will take a little time, may be a 2 to 6 weeks.

Tip 2 on what should be done after creating a blog/site
Now that you have submitted you blog/site to search engine and next its better that you optimize your blog post title, because if you have noticed or unaware (in case if you have created your first blog) in Search engines your blog post title appears after your Blog title, that is

Blog Title: Bloggers University
Blog Post Title: What should be done after creating a Site

So in search engine your result appears as:
Bloggers University (and then) What should be done after creating a Site

So its important that you optimize your blog post title by making your blog post title at the front and your blog title at the end, and you can read and make this hack applied to your Search engine results here.

Tip 3 on what should be done after creating a blog/site
So that you have optimized your post title and waiting till your blog/site get indexed by search engines, in the mean time things you should do
  1. Add Social Bookmarking site your blog/site (and also submitting your posts to social bookmarking sites can help your blog get indexed faster), and one best way you do is adding bookmark icons under your blog post; To install this hack go here

  2. Burn a RSS feed from rss service available like feedburner and install a Email subscription and a feed, and this can allow you to get a good amount of returning vsitors. And if your using Google Adsense you can burn your self a blog feed at Google adsense, and place your ads in between.

  3. Add your site to Blog directories, and one of the most important blog directory that you can find is Technorati. One reason that you gain by adding your blog to Technorati is that a link back from High PR site can help you get a good Page Rank.

These are just 3 basic things that can help develop and market your blog, and there are several other things that you can do like improving your blog appearance in order to attract readers of your blog, post much articles as you can with fresh, quality and uniqueness and etc.

Tip 4 on what should be done after creating a blog/site
Now that you have your blog indexed or not yet indexed, now what you should do is start working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), that is work your blog to be search engine friendly and requirement in order to get a large amount of visitors, because your blog appears to be popular with the help of SEO. So one important aspect of SEO is your blog friendliness towards Search engine and link building, this can allow you to get a good page rank and as a result good amount of visitors your blog. So how you can do this is
  1. Build Links by commenting on Do Follow Blog/Sites and Forums

  2. Add your blog/site to blog directories.

  3. Add your blog post to Social Networking sites like Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit and etc

  4. Optimize your blog, and you can read a brief SEO strategies here

These are some of the basic information and if best practiced can allow you develop your blog very easily but this cannot be achieved easily, a lot of hard work and dedication is required.

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