How to be a Successful Blogger: Part 2

IF you have read my precious post on How to be a successful Blogger: Part 1, i have mentioned certain points that may help you understand to be a successful blogger. So today i will share some experience that may be worth reading and help you somewhat to improve your self to create a better blog.

Tips to be a successful blogger

  1. Understand your targeted customers: If your creating a blog you may have a targeted customers for whom you think the blog is worth reading;may be kids, teens, older people or all age customers. So its important that you first understand who your planning to build the blog for.

  2. Determining the purpose of your blog: The intention of creating a blog can be for either business or personal. Its important how you approach to the development of your blog by understanding is it for business or personal. A personal blog will not need much an effort but a business blog would require a lot of hardwork on understanding your targeted customers and how you tend to gain there interest about your blog.

  3. Be realistic: Make your blog easy and simple and most importantly make your blog realistic. Make your blog real by making statements that is not catchy rather the truth and make your readers believe in you.

  4. Be patient: To be a successful person you may need to have patient and wait for your time; that is to be success it wont happen on ease but could rather age more than a year, therefore be patient developing your blog with unique style and work your blog for the readers to love your blog rather making your existing readers disappear. Make every possible readers of your blog to turn again at your blog and carry the momentum and work on SEO strategies to gain success.

  5. Make as much as possible inbound links: Always work on creating inbound links. You can achieve this by other web blogs or websites making links to your blog coz your blog is worth reading or you manually arrange other blogs to have links linking to your site. This will cause the internet community to know about your blog.

  6. Promote your blog: Always find ways to promote your blog. A blog can be easily created but to promote your blog to a success is really hard because you may have other competitors of your blog king working hard. So always if you want to improve your blog make hardwork and understand the potential ways that you can promote your blog.

  7. Best practices of SEO and SEM: To create a blog is easy but always before creating a blog or even after understand the ways in which you create your blog in favorable to the search engine (SEO) and after create your blog in friendly to search engines work possible ways to Search engine marketing because the best way to deliver traffic to your blog is Search engines.

These are some tips that i find that should be implemented in maintaining your blog and would aid bloggers to be in success.

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