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We in our previous post learnt how we can add a Table of contents, which we consider a easy navigation to all our post. In this post we shall learn how we can add a Domain Search Box. This can be achieved through HTML Scripts. A Domain Search box can be very useful in times when your having a large number of posts. So its better for every blogger to have a Domain and a World Wide Web Search Box added into your blog.

There are several ways how you can add a Domain Search Box to your blog, and few of them are:

<form id="searchthis" style="display: inline" action="YourBlogUrl/search" method="get">
<input id="b-query" maxlength="255" name="q" size="20" type="text"/>
<input id="b-searchbtn" type="submit" value="Search"/></form>

This section of the code will show up as

And remember to substitue YourBlogURL with your web address starting from http:// and you can also give your text width broaden or shorten by giving its size length. You can also change your button name from Search to like Search this or anything what you want.

There may be some of you who will not like Search button rather like to have a value on the textfield itself. This can be implemented as

<form id="searchThis" action="YourBlogURL/search" style="display: inline" method="get"><input id="searchBox" maxlength="255" value="Search Here... Type and hit enter" name="q" size="30" type="text"/></form>

This Section of code will showup as

In this section of the code if you have noticed that for the textfield we have given a value to display by default as "Search here... Type and hit enter", So for ocassions where you havent said to input the button, it may be better to add a value.

Alternatively instead of having a button you can also have an image, This can be achieved by
<form id="searchthis" style="display: inline" action="YourBlogUrl/search" method="get"/>
<input id="searchBox" maxlength="255" name="q" /><input id="b-searchbtn" type="image" src="ImgURL"/>

This section of the code would appear as

In this Search code its the same as what we have reffered above but we are using an image instead of a button, as noticable the input type is image.

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