What is Meta Tag and Adding Meta Tags

What is Meta Tags
Meta Tags are elements that helps Search engine to identify the content of the page and categorise these web pages with other similar type web pages. Meta Tags are oftenly used by webmasters to optimize the web content. But unfortunately as for bloggers these Meta Tags cannot be applied for each webpage except Meta Tags can be applied for our entire blog itself. Nevertheless using Meta Tags can support us by identifying what content does our blog is based on.

We all know that the main source of traffic can be achieved by Search Engines. And the most supportive Search Engine personally i regard is Google and than Yahoo of Course. I have read in many articles indicating that Google oftenly does not go through Meta Tags rather readng through the web content itself while serving Google Results, while Yahoo still uses this technique to refer each website.

Search Engine Optimization can improve Search Engine Ranking but due to rapid competition Search Engine Optimization has deteriorated over the last decade. As for now webmasters who want there website optimized, often do Keyword Spamming (Repeating Keywords too many times) and Optimize in a way that is not accepted by Search Engines which may result in Search Engine Banning. As nowadays as Search Engine Robots have become more sophisticated and are designed to work and identify Good and Bad SEO, its neccessary that while optimizing you follow the necessary guidelines and stick to it.

Adding Meta Tags to Blogger
Now we know what is Meta Tag and lets now learn how we can use this in our blog. Before we insert Meta Tags to our website/blog we should also know that
  1. Our Meta Tags should be Unique,
  2. Repeating Meta Tags can result unfavourable,
  3. Meta Tags should be precise and concise.

Meta Tags should be inserted after the Title Tag (Optimizing Title Tag can be read here) and before the end Head Section i.e "</head>". Now let us examine the different elements of Meta Tags that we must know as there are many.

<meta content="Your Keywords here" name="keywords">

In this part of Meta element you should be able to identify the appropriate Keywords that would greatly suit your blog title, and to do so there are many tools out there that would generate keywords on behalf of you, so just do a google and get the list of keywords to your blog. And its also neccessary that you do not exceed your keywords limit to no more than 8 or 9.

<meta content="Your Description here" name="description">

In this part of Meta element you should be able to give a precise description about your website, so users who make a google on a particular keyword and suppose you have your blog on Search engine results in the 1st page and the first thing the browsers would do is go for a good title to his defined keyword and secondarily the description, so giving a Good Post title and Good Description is neccessary.

<meta content="ALL" name="ROBOTS">

This offcourse you dont have to define, coz by default this will be set to true. but giving this part of Meta Element would be good.

If you have noticed the syntax of Meta element it does not have a End Tag, i.e "</META>", so be aware that you stick to format by just copy pasting the syntax and altering it with the Meta Content of yours. Finally, as an example after creating your Meta Tags it should some what look like this

<meta content="Blogger Tutorial, blogspot for dummies, blogger tips and tricks, Blogger Template, SEO" name="keywords">
<meta content="Blogger tips and tricks for Google Blogger platform. Total blogger training, Blogger Hacks, Blogger Template and Search engine optimization" name="description">
<meta content="ALL" name="ROBOTS">

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