How to add sitemap to google

Adding sitemap to google is one of the best practices of webmasters because suppose lets say that we have a blog and we are not absolute sure that all our web pages will be indexed by google due to various reasons, so letting us know to google bot "hey, here i have all these pages and have you indexed my pages" will let google index our rest of the pages too. As there are no automative ways that we our self can create a sitemap to blogger the one best way we can add sitemap is through google wabmasters tools

So here i'll explain you the step by step procedure how you can add sitemap to google.
  1. Go to Google webmasters tools and login using your Google ID

  2. Specify your url to Google webmasters to which website you want to add your sitemap

    Add sitemap to google webmasters

  3. Next you need to verify, so that you can start adding sitemap of your site. To do this you need to place a code in your site or blog,

    How to add sitemap to google webmasters tools

    to do this you need to choose your options, in the case we want to add sitemap to our blogger blog, choose on "Add a Meta Tag"

    How to add blogger blog sitemap to google webmasters tools

  4. Now you will be getting a piece of code that you need to place into your blog between your header section that is your head tag, as for example you can choose on "show me an example"

    Adding sitemap to google webmasters tools

  5. Now finally you need to add your sitemap, so now navigate to your sitemap page to add it,

    How can i add sitemap to google

How to add sitemap by using blogger default feeds

Now add your sitemap by the 2 default feed that blogger provides you with, thats is either

But unfortunately adding sitemap through standard blogger feed can allow you a max post is about 25 posts.

Add sitemap to google webmasters tools of more than 100 posts

Lets say that you have lot of posts in your blog and you can add all your posts in your sitemap by using the redirect function, that is just add the following code in front of your blog url, that is for example

This line of code will allow you a max of 100 posts to be added and suppose lets say you have a post more than 100, and in this case add a new sitemap as the following

That is it, now be patient untill google indexes all your pages and come again later too see all your blog posts bieng indexed.

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