Tips on building links with high Page Rank blogs

I decided to start this topic because i see a lot of comments bieng posted but i guess lot of commentors make mistakes while commenting, may be its due to the reason that they do not want to build inbound links pointing to thier site, or due to the reason that they do not want to or do not know how to build links and its importance. So i decided to post this topic which will be helpful for webmasters who want to build links and increase there page rank.

There are several ways how you can build links through commenting on Do follow Blog/Sites and Forums, Social networking and etc. so here we will discuss how we can build links by commenting on do follow blogs.

As you know Blogger is one of the domain owned by Google and it has a Page Rank of 8, so if you want to get a good page rank start commenting on these blogs. So that now you want to build links so do a google search on "blogspot" as keyword query, and all the blogspot list will be displayed starting from the blog that has a high page rank, may be with the page rank 7 or 6. So now open up each blog and start commenting on them, but be sure that you do not spam around. Commenting on these blog can be very beneficial to achiecve a good Page Rank and also at the same time it can be very painful. Making 10 comments on these blogs per day, can give you more than 250 inbound links from all these blogs if accepted per month on minimum.

Tips on how you should commment.

Tip 1:
When commenting on Blogger blogspot blogs you have these "Name and URL", so select this option and comment as

Name: Your Blog Title
(ex: Bloggers University)
The reason is to enhance the keyword density pointing to your blog.

URL: Your Blog URL
Make sure that you specify your URL as above because certain format will not allow you to place a link, making comment on this format will definitely point a link to your site.

Tip 2:
Some blog owners would have restricted Name and URL option instead would have only Google ID, in that case post a useful comment and underneath your comment give your HTML hyperlink script that points your blog. Ex:

<a href="">Blogger Tutorial</a>
This part of link building is applicable to Blogger blogspot blogs, so as you know there are several online web hosting services like wordpress and etc, do the same technique, i.e search wordpress and start commenting on them.

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8 comments to “Tips on building links with high Page Rank blogs”
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Dan said...

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Anonymous said...

Very informative article. I'm new to the blogging/web design world and have always been a tad "mystified" when it comes to building Back links and how Pagerank works. It's hard to find people willing to share their knowledge :D

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Prasad Thombre said...

Really very informative information, i am using it regularly.

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SpiderZ said...

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johnathane said...

It's really very informative article for everyone. As pagerank does matter for everyone and you have given really helpful information here. Keep it up.
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nyapartment said...

Thanx a lot for providing such benificial information for bloggers.But according to me you should also add knowledge about dofollow and nofollow linksin your blog.

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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